Conference schedule


The 1st Day:

February, 28

10:10-11:30Section: Facilities and detector integration
A. SkrinskyColliders and detectors at BINP [ppt]40 min
T. IijimaUpgrade of KEK B-factory and BELLE [ppt] [pptx] 40 min
11:30-12:00 Coffee break
12:00-13:20 Section: Facilities and detector integration
B. Yu The status of BESIII [ppt] 40 min
F. Bossi Present and future activities at Frascati [pdf] 40 min
13:20-15:00 Lunch
15:00-17:00 Section: Facilities and detector integration
W. Witzeling The Status of the LHC Machine and Experiments [ppt] [pps] 40 min
S. Nagaitsev Tevatron collider, detectors performance and future projects at Fermilab [ppt] 40 min
N. Budnev Baikal neutrino telescope - an underwater laboratory for astroparticle physics and environmental studies [ppt] 40 min
17:00-17:30 Coffee break
17:30-19:00 BINP Excursion
19:00-22:00 Welcome Reception
The 2nd Day

February, 29

09:00-10:40Section: Facilities and detector integration
G. Wormser The SuperB Project [ppt] 40 min
N. Muchnoi Review of beam energy measurement methods [pdf] 25 min
V. Papadimitriou Luminosity measurements at hadron colliders [ppt] [pdf] 35 min
10:40-11:10Coffee break
11:10-13:05Section: Tracking and Vertex Detectors (Silicon detectors)
A. NomerotskiSilicon tracking and vertexing review [ppt] 40 min
B. CooperD0 Silicon Microstrip Tracker [ppt] [pdf] 25 min
H.-J. SimonisSilicon endcup tracker for CMS [ppt] [pdf] 25 min
R. EusebiOperation of CDF silicon tracker [ppt]25 min
15:00-16:30Section: Tracking and Vertex Detectors (Silicon detectors)
G. CasseOverview of the recent activities of the RD50 collaboration on radiation hardening of semiconductor detectors for the SLHC [ppt]40 min
O. BehrendtThe silicon microstrip vertex locator (VELO) for LHCb experiment [ppt] [pdf]25 min
L. EklundEvaluation of an Active Pixel Sensor designed for High Energy Physics applications [ppt] [pdf]25 min
16:30-17:00Coffee break
17:00-18:15Section: Tracking and Vertex Detectors (Silicon detectors)
D. PennicardDesign, simulation, production and initial characterisation of 3D silicon detectors [ppt]25 min
M. Gersabeck Alignment of the LHCb Vertex Detector [pdf]25 min
A. SokolovThe Central Tracker of the Panda Detector [ppt]25 min
The 3d Day

March, 1

09:00-09:25 Section: Facilities and detector integration
A. Kibayashi Optimization through Simulation for KEKB upgrade [pdf]25 min
09:25-11:20 Section: Tracking and Vertex Detectors (Other detectors)
D. Attie TPC Review [ppt]40 min
D. Smirnov D0 central fiber tracker [pdf] 25 min
R. Perrino A cluster counting drift chamber as central tracker for the ILC experiments [ppt] [pdf]25 min
T. TsuboyamaVertex detector for the KEK B factory upgrade [ppt] 25 min
11:20-11:50 Coffee break
11:50-13:20 Section: Tracking and Vertex Detectors (MPG detectors)
A. Breskin Recent advances in THGEM detectors [ppt]30 min
L. Shekhtman Triple-GEM detectors for KEDR tagging system [ppt] 25 min
D. Attie Status of the R&D for a digital TPC based on micromegas detectors using the TimePix chip [ppt]25 min
13:20-15:00 Lunch
15:00-16:20 Section: Tracking and Vertex Detectors (MPG detectors)
A. Buzulutskov Radiation detectors based on gas electron multipliers [ppt] 30 min
A. Lyashenko Efficient ion blocking in gaseous detectors and its application to visible-sensitive gas-avalanche photomultipliers [ppt]25 min
D. Pavlyuchenko Cryogenic two-phase Ar detectors based on GEMs [ppt] 25 min
16:20-17:30 Poster Section
The 4th Day

March, 2

Social Program
The 5th Day

March, 3

09:00-10:55 Section: Particle identification (Cherenkov based methods)
P. Krizan Recent progress in particle identification methods [ppt] 40 min
T. Iijima Development of RICH counters toward the KEKB/Belle upgrade [ppt] [pptx]25 min
G. Schepers RICH for PANDA [ppt]25 min
T. F. Bellunato RICH at LHCb [ppt]25 min
10:55-11:20 Coffee break
11:20-12:35 Section: Particle identification (Cherenkov based methods)
E. Scapparone Particle identification in ALICE [ppt]25 min
A. Reshetin Development of FARICH-detector for the ALICE experiment at CERN [ppt] 25 min
M. Barnyakov Development of microchannel plate phototubes in Novosibirsk [pdf]25 min
K. Beloborodov High density aerogel for SND with n=1.13 - tests results [ppt] 25 min
13:00-14:30 Lunch
14:30-15:50 Section: Calorimetry
D. Renker New developments on photosensors for particle physics [ppt]30 min
Yu. Musienko Advances in multipixel Geiger-mode avalanche photodiodes (silicon photomultipliers) [pdf] 20 min
V. Golubev Review of crystal calorimeters [ppt] 30 min
15:50-16:10 Coffee break
16:10-17:40 Section: Calorimetry
M. Ryan The CMS Electromagnetic Calorimeter at the LHC [pdf]30 min
B. Shwartz Belle calorimeter upgrade [ppt]20 min
P. Semenov PANDA electromagnetic calorimeters [ppt] 20 min
A. Kudin Protective coating on the surface and characteristics stability of scintillators based on CsI crystals [ppt]20 min
18:00-19:00 Poster Section
19:00-23:00 Conference Dinner
The 6th Day

March, 4

09:00-09:30 Section: Electronics, Trigger and Data Aquisition System
M. Jeitler Trigger Systems at LHC Experiments [ppt] 30 min
09:30-11:00 Section: Calorimetry
R. Dzhelyadin Recent efforts in the sampling calorimetry [ppt] 30 min
M. Prokudin Study of response unoformity of LHCb ECAL [ppt] 20 min
B. Di Micco KLOE calorimeter [pdf] 20 min
S. Fiore KLONE [pdf]20 min
11:00-11:30 Coffee break
11:30-12:50 Section: Calorimetry
S. Peleganchuk Liquid noble gas calorimeters at BINP [ppt]30 min
P. Schwemling The ATLAS Liquid Argon Calorimeter : Integration, Installation, Commissioning and Performance from selected particle beam test results [ppt]30 min
S. Schuwalow The current status of the research work of the ILC Forward calorimetry collaboration [pdf]20 min
V. Rusinov CALICE scintillator hadron calorimeter [ppt]20 min
12:50-14:30 Lunch
14:30-16:05 Section: Particle identification (Muon detectors)
A. Korytov Muon detectors for Colliders [pdf] 40 min
Y. Yusa BELLE muon identification [pdf] 25 min
G. Mikenberg Commissioning of MUON Spectrometers for the LHC Experiments [ppt] 30 min
16:05-16:30 Coffee break
16:30-17:20 Section: Particle identification (Muon detectors)
M. Sobron CMS Muon Alignment: System description and results from the first test of the magnet [pdf] 25 min
A. Staiano The CMS Muon Drift Tube Barrel system commissioning [pdf] 25 min
The 7th Day

March, 5

09:00-09:30 Section: Magnet design and development
R. Ruber Superconducting magnets for particle detector and its future prospect (tentative) [ppt] [pdf]30 min
09:30-10:45 Section: Electronics, Trigger and Data Aquisition System
M. Felcini The CMS Trigger System [ppt] 25 min
A. Ruban The CMD-3 Data Acquisition and Control System [ppt] 25 min
Shu Jun Wei BESIII EMC trigger subsystem [ppt] 25 min
10:45-11:15 Coffee Break
11:15-13:25 Section: Electronics, Trigger and Data Aquisition System
L. Sartori XFT Trigger Upgrade at CDF [pdf] 25 min
S. Donati The CDF Level2 calorimetric trigger [pdf] 25 min
D. Smirnov D0 electronics for the central fiber tracker [ppt] 25 min
D. Edmunds The D-Zero Level 1 Trigger System [ppt] 25 min
A. Lyubenko Overview of the PXI platform [ppt] 30 min
13:25-15:00 Lunch
15:00-16:35 Section: Instrumentation for astroparticle and neutrino Physics
D. Akimov Detectors for Dark Matter search [ppt] 40 min
Yu. Kudenko Near neutrino detector for the long baseline T2K experiment [pdf] 30 min
E. Yanson Multi-sector scintillation detector for investigations of Extensive Air Showers [ppt] 25 min
16:35-17:00 Conference adjourn
List of Poster Presentations
D. Edmunds The D-Zero Run IIb Level 1 Calorimeter Trigger
M. Pernicka Readout of Silicon Strip Detectors with Position and Timing Information
V. Smakhtin A New Variant of Thin Gap Chamber type detector, for the Small-Wheel of ATLAS at the SLHC
M. Fernandez R&D on infrared transparent microstrip silicon sensors
M. Dragicevic Results from the first production of enhanced Silicon Sensor Test Structures produced by IET Warsaw
F. Balau GEM operation in double-phase xenon
D. Chistyakov Mathematical Modeling of the Efficiency of Registratioin of Thermal Neutrons
A. Vasiljev SND tracking detector - tests with cosmic muons
K. Skovpen Project of use the SND NaI(Tl) calorimeter as an antineutron detector
A. Korol DAQ and electronics for SND at VEPP-2000 - first test results
M. Achasov First experiance with SND calorimeter at VEPP-2000 collider
A. Popov Drift chamber of the CMD-3 detector
A. Grebenuk Liquid xenon (LXe) calorimeter for the CMD_3 detector
K. Kakhuta Signal Processing Module for liquid xenon calorimeter of the CMD-3 detector
A. Ivashkin Longitudinally segmented lead/scintillator hadron calorimeter with micropixel APD readout
Yu. Pakhotin Performance of the CMS Endcap Muon Detectors
A. Barnyakov Influence of water absorbed in aerogel on light absorption length
L. TrefilovaReasons of the red shift in the scintillation spectrum of CsI(Tl) crystal
D. ZosimFormation of the law of the light yield distribution along detectors on the basis of monocrystals CsI(Tl)
A.KozyrevSignal processing in Calorimeters' pre-Triggers of the CMD-3 detector
G. FedotovichTime-of-Flight system of the CMD-3 detector based on scintilator counters
A. KozhinPre-commissioning and test results of MDT chambers produced in IHEP (Protvino) for ATLAS
S. KononovFARICH optimization for precise velocity measurement
V. ShebalinStudy of the radiation hardness of pure CsI scintillation crystals
G. PessinaThe high voltage system for the hybrid photon detectors of RHICH system at LHCb